You’ve found the home of USD Law Democrats! We are members of the University of San Diego community who are working towards a more progressive city, state, and country.

What is progressivism?

Progressivism is a movement for a just society, grounded in ideals of democracy and equity. Progressives were responsible for political and economic reforms key to American development at the turn of the 20th century (including things like the 17th amendment, establishing the popular vote for Senators, and the 19th amendment, extending the franchise to women). Modern progressives embrace causes like feminism, racial justice, environmental justice, workers’ rights, redistributive anti-poverty initiatives, and other efforts to produce a more perfect union.

What do USD Law Democrats do?

We believe that fostering political engagement is important. And as law students, we are uniquely poised to draw on our community resources to examine and interrogate our legal system (and how it affects our community). We organize guest speakers on legal and public policy issues, lead panel discussions between community members, recruit volunteers and activists, and hold social hours (occasionally with graduate level beverages) to cut the tension from the existential dread that comes with our country being more-than-a-little-broken. We are an open and inclusive group, and we invite all members of our community with a desire for a more just and equitable society, at every level of familiarity with politics, to join us.

How do I join USD Law Democrats ?

Attend our meetings – see all our events under the “updates” tab, or use the “contact” form above to get in touch with us! You may also email us at usdprogressives (@) gmail (.) com to get on our mailing list. [n.b. This is so that bots don’t flood us with junkmail. Please don’t do that.]

How can I contact USD Law Democrats ?

See above! But we also accept other avenues too! Twitter? @USDProgressives! Carrier pigeon? If it doesn’t get into a fight with the seagulls, give it a shot! Magic spell? Roll 1d20 plus your WIS score. (More social media to come!)